Reflexions and observations of a single man exploring the world at human speed.
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Can we really miss...
Although I have done (and am still doing) things relatively few people do in their lives, I also did not do a few things most people do and find 'normal'. Recently for example, I've taken my first coffee cups ever just a few weeks ago. But in the grand scheme of things, I in fact did very few things most people do in life, like marry and have kids. more...

Traveller's fatigue
For many of you, this is the first time you encounter this term. In a nutshell, it's a depressive state due to excessive travelling. I was aware of that risk before I left and I had a prevention plan. But I didn't stick to my plan and paid the heavy price. I'm still recovering but I'm definitely on the upswing now. more...

Have I changed?
We often hear that travel changes people. It's part of why I began this journey to see the world. So, one year later, did I change? If so, in which ways? Am I on the track to become a better human being? Those are questions that haunt me recently with the conclusion of my first year on the road. I can't say yet that my journey has transformed me or that I had life-changing experience yet, but when I look back at my old self, I do see some changes. more...

Becoming less judgemental
In my life, I was judged a lot and sadly, I developed a tendency to do it too towards others but also towards myself. It's one of the habits I'm working on to become a better person. Travelling through Mexico and Belize helped me a lot in my improvement, helping me face the local reality and put my perceptions in perspective. But I was left puzzled on a few occasions as I encountered other travellers. more...

What I think of Mexico
I remember six months ago when I arrived in Mexico I had the impression to be in the third world, or in a war zone. The general condition level of everything was unlike all I've ever experienced before. I was in shock and I couldn't get past the appearances to see the country. Six months later it's much different. more...

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