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Am I afraid?
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-06-12 15:12:11 | Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Keywords: Adapt, dream to reality, fear
In the last few weeks, I've been asked by many friends if I was excited, anxious or nervous about the departure date approaching rapidly. The answer was "a bit of of all of that at the same time". Let me explain more in details.

Am I excited? Yes, I definitely am. It's a change of life I chose to embrace and I look forward to be on the road. It's been now close to 2 years I haven't really travelled and explored new things... I miss that a lot and I can't wait to be on the road.

Am I afraid? Sure I am. Anyone about to make such a drastic change in their life has to feel fear at some degree otherwise they don't have a pulse, because it goes so against what we're used to. Feeling fear doesn't mean it paralyses me as there are many levels of fears. Yes, I'm afraid of the unknown such change represent. It's not however the same fear as when you're not in control of the events or are being pushed in a total new environment. Having travelled a bit in the past, I know most of the challenges I'll face... the unknown is the duration and not having the security of a  home  waiting for me. I don't know how I will react to long-term travel, but I'm confident in my abilities.

But I have the firm confidence that once I'm installed in this new lifestyle, I will be all fine. How much time will it take me to get used to the new way of living and be comfortable? No one knows. But that was taken into account right from the beginning in the planning of that change.

How did I plan to adapt? I planned my pace of travelling accordingly and I made more reasonable decisions in terms of work.

By first rushing through Canada and Mexico, I repeat a pattern I followed in past vacations so, it will be like a long yearly break from work. I'll still be in a familiar context, mostly amongst cities I already know and visited. After the first few weeks, I'll begin to adjust to the idea of long-term travelling. It's one thing to dream of something and living it. I don't expect much issue with acclimatisation, but I can't be sure ahead of time.

In terms of work, I decided to wait to get used to the lifestyle first before deciding exactly how I will earn my living on the road. I have explored many possibilities, and I've done some preparation work for some of those possibilities. Instead of facing up front the new lifestyle of travelling, cultural shock of being in a totally different environment and at the same time having to work, I chose (because I have that liberty) to take the time to adapt to the lifestyle fully before making choices about work. There are some options I know for sure I will do... but I lack material for now. I'll accumulate material (stories and pictures) on the road. There are other avenues I'm not sure I'll take, will depend on the pace of travel I will settle in after Mexico.

In other words, yes, I'm worried about lots of elements, yes, I'm excited about others... and I don't have all the answers right now. Many of my close friends (knowing how I like to be in control and plan) would have to re-read that last sentence over and over to believe it. I have long-term goals and plans, but I haven't worked all the details for now. Just as I didn't do all the local planning I wanted to do initially for every city I'll visit, because I want to wait and see. That will allow me to adapt and have a richer experience.

Some others choose to mark the change more drastically by just grabbing a backpack and hitting a totally different culture as first destination. That might be suitable for many, not for me... especially not with my overall travel plans.

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