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From dream to reality, part 1
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2012-10-25 05:55:53 | Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Keywords: dream to reality
Enjoying viewing the wonders of the world I always dreamt to travel full-time. I thought it would be possible only if I won the lotto. Then a series of events made me realize it wasnít necessary to win the jackpot to realize my dream. Hereís what allowed me to change my life over and live my dream.

Coming from a poor family, I never even travelled during vacations.  I considered couples going South (usually Florida, Cuba or Mexico for Quebecers) for a week during the winter as rich people.   Another factor that led me to think that travels werenít for me was the fact I kept moving a lot with my divorced mother all through my childhood, which in a way made the idea of travelling less appealing, I was looking for stability.  Due to our moves, we didnít have any friends for a long period and no one who was travelling.  So, even if I was curious and read tons of books about the wonders of the world when I was a kid, I never thought it was something possible for me.

Even when I began to work and live on my own, I was still earning near minimum wage and I was more in survival mode then in dream realization.  I returned to school to get my bachelorís degree (in computing science) at the university.  After developing some Internet friendships, I decided to make a big jump and make my first trip ever.  It was my first plane trip (to St.Louis)... and I was 29.  Not to help me enjoy traveling I caught a virus in the plane and I spent my whole week sick as a horse in my hotel room.

After I graduated, I worked for a few small companies before being a freelance programmer.   I didnít earn a lot of money, and I was still in survival mode with what I saw as a huge debt that would take me forever to reimburse.  That amount wasnít that huge (about $16,000) but compared to my revenues it was enormous.  After a few years of being self-employed, I decided to join a large company in a non-programmer capacity.  On the verge of a depression, I needed to turn my brain off and that initial call center rep position was what I needed then.  I then graduated within the company over the 9 years I worked for it.

I began earning good money, way enough to put out of the survival mode.  But I didnít know to deal with my finances, never made a budget and never had a plan or vision.  I was still living from paycheck to paycheck.  I used all my liquidity to do minimal payments on credit cards, loans and other debts.  With my new earnings, I moved into a larger apartment and I kept on buying things to compensate all what I didnít have before.  I got a kind of empty satisfaction and false security feelings from all my purchases.

Even if my credit cards were loaded, I felt richer than I ever was...   confusing credit with riches, and I slowly began thinking about travels.

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