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Am I lucky?
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-11-02 21:20:25 | Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Keywords: lifestyle, preparation
Almost every person learning about my full-time traveller status have a reaction that can be summarized by “Boy, you're so lucky!”. To which I reply that luck has nothing to do with that. I made a series of decisions throughout my life that all (good or bad) prepared me for what I'm doing now. Then I defined a goal and I made the moves to turn it into reality.

It it the nirvana every day? Of course not! But is it in your daily life between job, traffic and kids? Life on the road isn't that much different than a routine sedentary life on that aspect. I have good and I have bad days. I defined the success being a greater amount of joy than of pain (in terms of intensity more than in terms of occurrences). Because joy and pain are the basic motors of our existence: we do something to feel joy or to avoid to feel pain.

But I try to experiment something new in each town I visit, good or bad. I believe there is good stuff coming out of bad experiences. You at least know you don't like it.... that's an improvement to your situation before trying it. Knowing what you don't like is just as important as knowing what you like... it helps define who you are.

I often feel like a kid in a giant candy store named Earth. I still have a naive look on life (thanks!) and I can easily be amazed by simple stuff. You see that with my daily postcards on Now that I'm getting more comfortable in Mexico, you'll see me do more stuff... like the series of interviews I've begun. I do these interviews to get me out of my comfort zone and to help you get a new perspective on things or people.

Sharing for me is very important, and I like to educate as well. I don't do this journey just for myself and my own amazement... I do it to share what I see and allow you to be amazed as well by all the wonders of this world. For me it doesn't make a difference if what awes me is the works of Mother Nature or mankind. If it's young or old. With the human realizations, especially about historic places, it's sometimes hard to find the words to express you the importance of it. For natural wonders, it's much easier... just a few nice pics and you are in awe in front of your screen, a bit like I was myself behind my camera.

Speaking of pictures... many friends tell me that I should put myself more in the picture frame, to prove I was there. I hate being in front of the camera. I take the pictures, I know I was there. I can not only remember what is on the picture, but also all that is around that you don't see. No matter how much you like a picture of mine, I like it even more and I have a direct connection to it, I remember I almost fell getting on the edge of that river, that I had to climb 97 stairs to get on top of the mounds, etc. I don't need to prove anything to anyone about my travels, so I don't see the point of being in front of my camera. If I ever need to prove something to someone, I'll have pages and pages of customs stamps on the pages of my passports.

Do I like my new lifestyle? For now, the answer is yes, but I'm still in training. Am I done for it? I don't know... ask me the questions 10 years from now. I am grateful for the opportunities I have... but I also know they didn't come by magic. You see the picture of my life now, you don't see what is outside the picture frame that led to the picture you see slowly developing in front of your eyes.

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