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The Asynchronous Man
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-12-21 18:59:37 | Cuauhtemoc, The Federal District, Mexico
Keywords: life, Reflection, summary
At this time of year, we all look to what we could change in our life for the new year. Some take formal resolutions, most don't. Some act upon them to make a difference in their life, most just hope for a better year. I propose you look at it on a different angle. What if you were to die today... would you be happy with what you have done so far? How would you name the movie of your life? Would you pay to see it? If you can't find a title or if you wouldn't pay to see it, then perhaps it's time to dig in your memory to find back your dreams and seriously chase after one of them.

I will let you with your own reflections and decision to act on your dreams or not... but if you have found a title for your life, please post it below. Listing your past achievements is often referred to the inverted bucket list, because you won't list things you'd be proud to do, but things you're proud to have done. Everyone should sit down once in a while and dress up that list. Ideally, keep it in one file date every achievement... so the next time you just have to update for the last months since your previous revision.

I'll do the exercise too... with you! I guess the title of my movie life would be “The Asynchronous Man”. Why? Because I have lived my life in parallel to the society, not in it. I've done many things most people don't do... while NOT doing things most people do.

My bucket list include the following facts: surviving (although scorched) a difficult childhood, graduate from university (in a school system not done for gifted kids), my Mensa membership, kept my life generally free of negative energy and influences, being recognized in the world as the best reference on a topic – that provided me more than 15 minutes of fame in those years, published a book, I've already travelled more then most people do (and it's just a beginning! - but Mexico is my 13th country), had a significant life-long impact on at least one person (completely changed the life of a person I never met), the certitude I have made more good than bad in my life.

I achieved that while not doing what most people do (as expected by our society): having a family, a house, a long-term career, a huge network of friends, etc. But that's also true for smaller things like drinking coffee, driving a car, going to parties, having fun or getting drunk. Most of these items were really choices of mine, some were imposed to me, but as a result of various other decisions I made. On most aspects of my life, society would judge me as a failure, that's okay. I've never been subject to peer pressure, most of the time only my opinion of myself counts.

I'm not the kind of person who has regrets, for anything. If I have a bad moment or make a bad choice (yes, that happens!), I put it in my bag of life experiences and note what I could have done differently for the future. But I don't blame myself for making a bad decision... I made the choice that I felt was right based on the information I had then.

Would I pay to see it? Yes, probably (even if I don't go to the movies often). I like tales when the intelligence overcomes adversity.

Although I believe in general karma (“Do good, it will be returned”), I don't believe in fate (“Whatever you do, it will have no impact on your life”). A few months ago, a friend posted on his Facebook page a text saying “A year ago, I would have never thought my life would be like it is today”... as if their life miraculously changed overnight. My reply to that was “I did... that's how it became reality!”

If you just hope for change, it will most probably never happen (unless you just won the jackpot in the life lottery). You have to act to make it happen. Take a good look at your strengths and weaknesses. What could you do to tap in your strengths and make something that will make a difference (at least in your own life, not necessarily the whole planet!). As a programmer, my goal was always to simplify the life of my clients or users. To use my knowledge to make their life easier and more productive, so they can do more towards their goals.

On the flip of the coin, look at your weaknesses pick one to work on over the next year. It could be to reduce or eliminate a shortcoming in your personality or work towards adding or improving a skill. When I began planning this journey of mine, I knew one of the challenges I would face would my tolerance and my lack of 'zenitude'. Now, I can tell you I was right on the point. If I hadn't worked on those aspects of my personality before my departure, I wouldn't have lasted 3 months on the road. Although mass communications is a strength of mine, individual communication with people facing me is still a real challenge. But I'm still kicking my butt to improve that. That's often exhausting, but I keep on... because I know it will make me a better person down the road.

You're never too old to change your personality and the direction your life goes to. You can teach new tricks to an old monkey, despite what the proverb says!

So, what would be the movie title of your life? Would you pay to see it? What strength of yours will you tap on to make a difference? What weakness will you work on? Do you have a dream you'll work on to make it become a reality?

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left this comment on 2013-12-23 17:02:41

Awesome post Sylvain! I would name my movie "Stay Hungry Be Foolish" I have always questioned things that others thought to be impossible. I always believed that nothing is impossible. The only question is "how badly do you want it?" Although it's never easy, although it might involve a few falls and mistakes, if you want it bad enough, you will keep going. While people have thought I have been foolish at times, that only meant I was on the right track. You will never stand out in a crowd and do what you really want by being the same as everyone else. So, in the New Year, I will definitely work on Staying Hungry and Being Foolish!

Sylvain from
left this comment on 2013-12-28 22:15:51

LOL! Why am I not surprised by the title of your life movie :-) Yes, nothing is impossible... look how far Bell is from us :-)

left this comment on 2013-12-28 09:41:01

Mon titre du film de ma vie serait; L Amour me tue pcq depuis mon enfance, je veut etre veut plaire, pour l gache souvent tout, par surtout..j attend toujours après l Amour pour vivre ma vie.Si on ne vit pas sa vie...c est qu on est mort meme en vivant celle des autres.

Sylvain from
left this comment on 2013-12-28 22:38:36

Oui, ce serait effectivement un bon titre pour le film de ta vie Gaston :-)

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